Friday, October 13, 2017

Florida or Bust

We had the privilege of flying to Florida to have a visit with Papa and Mim! 

 Our first day there we went to Sea World. 


   Papa bought shrimp to feed the rays. Guess who else tried it...Geneva!

 After. Soak zone baby!

  The dolphin show was amazing!
And the girls each went home with a new sea animal! Geneva and Savannah have dolphins and Maddie has Shamu. Thanks Papa and Mimi for a great start to our vacation with you!!
  And then it poured! We were pretty soaked. Papa was kind enough to go get the car for us.
Dolphins were invited to dinner that night- what a memorable day!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Happy Birthday, Geneva!

Geneva Joy. She certainly brings joy to those around her! 
She's full of life and has quite a sense of humor. 
 Neva is loving preschool these days, and she asks for more math pages!
   I guess she likes fave painting!
 She LOVES her glider bike! She's rides every day and is a speedy little thing.
Sleeping beauty on the beach!
 And sometimes she has to clean the walls after she does her own artwork on them :)
 She has a flare for style!
 My little apple picking buddy. 
  My brown eyed girl!
Oh yeah! She's a little swimmer, too.
Neves, we love you and are so thankful that God gave you to us. We're praying that as you continue to grow, that your love for Jesus will grow deeper.
Happy fourth birthday, my bitty boo. Dinner request: salmon. 
Dessert request: chocolate chip cookies!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lots of Fun Happening Here This Fall!

 We were so happy to have Aunt Jennifer visit us. Maddie did some weaving while Aunt Jennifer crocheted. The two of them are little crafters!
 We made puppy pancakes using nutella for Sunday lunch. 
 Can you tell how thrilled they were?!
 Aunt Jennifer did some school with us- right up her alley since she's been a teacher for many years.
 The super héros were sad to see her go. We had a great visit! 
Bat Girl, Super Girl, and Super Woman all flew off to co-op!
 We went on a field trip apple picking with our friends the Azers and Pinkstons!

 Yum, yum! We've made several apple crisps already! 
 These girls love long dresses and they love to match. These are the days! :) 
 We also took a fun day at Cox Farms!

 Hot hay ride!

 Everyone loved the slides.

The kids loved watching the farm animals.
What a fun day with friends!

What an unusually hot day for VA!
So, we cooled off with some ice cream!